Grant Opportunities

This a sampling of the government grant opportunities available. There are many additional programs for charities and not-for-profit (NFP) organizations. Contact us to see what else might meet your particular company/organization needs.

Program Name Offers Grant % Offers Loan Job Creation Required Supports Capital Costs Export Development Required Technology/ Product Innovation Comments

AgriAssurance Program

75% up to $1 million annually



Assists for-profit organizations to obtain third-party certification to realize an export opportunity.

AgriInnovate Program


35% up to $10 million

Not required but helps

Supports development & commercialization of new products and technologies. Loan, not a grant.

AgriMarketing Program




Supports export market development. Only small capital items. 50% funding up to $50,000 annually.

AgriScience Program - Projects

Max 70% for NFP, 50% for for-profit

For shorter-term science projects to help overcome challenges and address fiscal barriers experienced by small and emerging industrial sectors. Open to not-for-profit organizations and for-profit businesses in the agri-food/agri-based products sector. Project must be pre-commercialization.

ARP (Accelerated Review Process)


For small projects - maximum budget $50,000. Supports contractor and internal labour costs for R&D designed to resolve internal technical challenges.

CAP (Canadian Agricultural Partnership)



Equipment, renovations

No stand- alone new construction


Six Areas of Focus

 1.  Science, research, and innovation

 2.  Markets and trade

 3.  Environmental sustainability & climate change

 4.  Value-added agriculture and agri-food processing

 5.  Public trust (traceability, etc)

 6.  Risk Management

Intake dates:

Aug. 15 - Sept. 27, 2019

Jan. 6 - 27, 2020                    

Sept. 8 - 29, 2020

Jan. 4 - 25, 2021

Sept. 7 - 28, 2021

CanExport Program
(effective 22 Aug. 2019)

funding up to $75,000



Assists companies with exporting activities related to markets not sold to in the last 24 months. Must have revenues of at least $100,000. Eligible activities include:

 •  Trade shows, conferences, and related marketing and travel

 •  Third party market research and competitive analysis

 •  Adaptation of Marketing Tools
 • Legal fees to enter new market

Agriculture, food & beverage, fish & seafood, and wine, beer & spirit sectors are now eligible to apply.

Canada-Ontario Job Grant


Max of $10,000 per employee to upgrade skills. 100% funding for unemployed workers about to be hired. Quick application turnaround.

Climate Action Initiative Fund






Supports small and medium-sized businesses to undertake retrofit projects building, transportation, waste, agriculture, etc. Minimum project size is $80,000.

Dairy Processing Investment Fund

funding to a max of $10 million



Supports technology development or adoption to use surplus skim milk or to improve a facility’s capacity to use milk/components by 1.6% above market forecast growth.

Eastern Ontario Development Fund

15% up to $10 million


Minimum 10 new jobs

Equipment, minor renovations


For projects valued at $500,000 or more. Must have minimum of 10 FTE employees to apply. Nice people to work with.

Eastern Ontario Development Program

50% up to $100,000


Equipment renovations


Supports business development and Community Innovation projects. Will also support hiring interns for special projects. Details vary according to each Community Development Corporation.

Enabling Accessibility

50-75% up to $100,000

 •  Not-for-profit organizations
 •  For profit organizations
 •  Municipalities
 •  Indigenous organizations
Small projects stream provides grants up to $100,000.  Mid-sized stream provides contributions up to $3 million

Forestry Growth Fund

Up to 20%

Up to 40%

Minimum $5 million project. Grant up to 20%, loan up to 40%, or a combination of grants and loans up to 40% of eligible project costs. Projects must:

 •  improve productivity and innovation

 •  enhance competitiveness

 •  support new market access

 •  strengthen supply chains and regional economies

For manufacturers and processors of wood and forest biomass (e.g. pulp & paper mills, saw mills, secondary wood manufacturers, and bio-economy projects. Harvesting and resource extraction projects are ineligible.

Global AIME Yves Landry Foundation


Up to $50,000 to offset training costs related to innovation. Must be in business at least 3 years with minimum 10 f/t employees.
S. Ontario only.

Going Global Innovation

75% up to $75,000

Supports travel & accommodation costs for SMEs seeking to sell/commercialize technology abroad. *Must allow 8 weeks lead time.

Interactive Digital Media Fund



Range of programs to help develop innovative projects like video games, mobile apps and online magazines.

 •  Production and Concept Definition

 •  Global Market Development 

 •  Marketing Support

 •  Industry Development Program

 •  Research Grants

Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit

Up to 40%

Refundable tax credit up to 40% of eligible Ontario expenditures for interactive digital media products created in Ontario.

Youth Employment/

Summer Students

50% up to $30,000



Candidate must be 15-30 years of age, a post-secondary graduate of a Canadian institution, and have permanent Canadian resident/ citizen/refugee status. No relatives.

IRAP (Industrial Research Assistance Program)



Not required but helps application


Applicant cannot have more than 500 employees. Will support internal labour and contractor costs to develop innovative products/processes.

Ontario Trillium Foundation



Seed, Grow and Capital funding streams. Grant amounts and intake dates vary. Open only to NFPs/charities. Organization must register before applying.

Rural Economic Development

Up to $100,000



Supports planning & implementation projects to remove barriers to economic development. For NFPs and municipalities only. Currently Closed.

Small Community Pilot (component of SWODF)



50% of existing employees

Equipment, renovations


For business expansion projects valued at $200,000 or more, but located in a rural community with fewer than 20,000 people. Must have 5-10 full-time employees to qualify.

Southwestern Ontario Development Fund

15% up to $10 million


Minimum 10 new jobs

Equipment, minor renovations


For projects valued at $500,000 or more. Includes Niagara but not GTA, Toronto or Central Ontario. Must have minimum of 10 FTE employees to apply. Nice people to work with.

SR&ED (Scientific Research & Experimental Development)

20%- 35%


Offers a tax rebate or credit for technological advancement& development. Requires a written description of the technological advancement plus time sheets. 

Strategic Innovation Fund

Max $10 million annually

Max $10 million annually


Targeted at industrial and technology sectors. The program has four areas:

 1.  R&D and commercialization

 2.  Firm expansion and growth

 3.  Investment attraction/reinvestment

 4.  Collaborative technology development & demonstration.

Terms, percentage of support, and amount of support determined individually for each project.